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[ profile] hd_smoochfest is over for another year. *frown* But what a brilliant month it was. Smoochfest was the first fest I ever participated in and have done for 2009, 2010, 2012 and now 2013. I had to miss out in 2011 because I was having a baby that month.

Anyway. I'll post the header to my smoochfic of the year here and a link to it, so if you haven't read it yet, you can if you'd like. I've spelled out a possible squick in the warnings so it won't sneak up on you, and I totally understand if you need to not read because of it. The squick does not occur between Harry/Draco.

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I can't believe Smoochfest is over for another year. How that month flew by. I still have about a weeks worth of fics to catch up on reading from it, as well as the huge monster 115k fic. I'm saving that one for a quiet day where I can curl up and relax with a bar of chocolate.

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A couple of smoochfics, a couple of smoocharts and a fic I thought I'd recced from the dracotopsharry fest, but then realized I'd missed.

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That's right! Claims are happening for the Smoochfest TODAY!!!

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Run and share the sugar!
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Hello beautiful people on my Flist. I am so sorry I've been distracted by life to such a degree that I've lost touch with many of you.

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