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I was so spoiled rotton by the wonderful Horror fest at [ profile] hp_darkarts this year. All five of my prompts were claimed and written and I picked up a prompt and wrote a fic myself too!

I want to thank [ profile] writcraft for all of her hard work modding the fest and also all of the authors and readers and artists who participated. It has been the best fest experience I have had yet! I can't wait to see it or something similar happen again next year!

My fic is a gen fic. It was based on the prompt: When you are a metamorphmagus, you have no original face. You're always changing, never able to pin down one that feels right. Everything about your body is fake.

I had much love for this prompt as it allowed me the chance to explore body dysphoria in a fic and get into the nitty gritty of some of the possibilities and struggles a metamorphmagus would be faced with. Teddy Lupin is my favorite next gen character right now. I'm planning to play with him a lot more in the near future.

Check out my fic and leave me love if you like it! Riddikulus on lj and on Ao3
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I've staked my claim, have you?

Horror Fest Claiming (2)

So many awesome prompts to choose from! Especially the ones I left! ;)
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Oh man! I have been looking forward to this! I don't know if I'll be able to write for it, as I'm still struggling to finish a working draft of my current super secret fest fic, but I sure as heck am leaving prompts. So should you!


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