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Hey there LJ! It's been too long again. I'm still alive and stuff. Bouncing around from shiny thing to shiny thing with very little direction - the usual.

Thought I'd share some pics of my most recent cosplay adventure. My brother contacted me a few weeks ago and said that he'd love to do a convention with me where we'd crossplay characters. Since I already had a Sally Ragdoll cosplay and we're about the same size, I thought it couldn't be too hard to pull a Jack Skellington together real quick. Rose City Comic Con was the next convention on my list and so I whipped something up in 2 weeks.

The jacket was the hardest part. I found a wonderful tailcoat at Hollywood Vintage here in Portland. It was old and worn, ripped up a bit on the inside, but workable and... they wanted 150 bucks for it because "vintage". I passed on that. Found a horrible band jacket on the clearance rack, straight out of a 1970s nightmare with gold tassels and glittery shit all over it and bought it for 20 bucks. Then, five hours with a seam ripper later, had the perfect base for a Jack Skellington tailcoat. I took off the buttons, painted one white and sewed it back on. I embellished the tails with felt and wire and then blanket stitched more felt together to make the bat bowtie. Got a black bodysuit and some white textile paint and painted a big triangle and some stripes on it. ... Anyway... It worked. I love how our cosplays turned out.

I'd been looking for an excuse to shave my head again for a while. This was it. See some pictures in the spoiler tags (which seem to work different than they used to??) They open up one after the other and require much clicking?? I've been away too long. Sorry!



Jack Skellington jacket .jpg







Six days after the last time I shaved my head, my hair is already growing back in with full force! I can't stop petting my own head.

Hair growth 6 days.JPG
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Hello Livejournal. I hope you all had a stellar Halloween.

I thought I'd make another update post because if I don't, I'll just float off even more.

I don't feel much like talking about all the stuff I'm dealing with day to day. It's not hugely awful or anything, but it is making me realize that I am still struggling with ADHD and focus, to the point I've pared down my responsibilities enormously and still struggle to get shit done.


Enough about that. I want to share some fun pictures. Halloween was yesterday and I did nothing more than answer the door a few times (my daughter answered the rest), but I got to do it in costume! Putting on a costume is totally an adventure on its own for me. Unfortunately, nobody in my family can take flattering photos. So, Selfies it is!

This was my second year dressing up like Sally Ragdoll (from Nightmare Before Christmas).

I'm just gonna stick these pics under a tag and then I have to get back to poking my brain and catching the words that come out of it. I have a deadline and I have to break through this block. No excuses.

Photo on 10-31-15 at 4.40 PM #2.jpg

Photo on 10-31-15 at 4.38 PM.jpg

Photo on 10-31-15 at 5.19 PM #2.jpg

Photo on 10-31-15 at 5.16 PM.jpg

Photo on 10-31-15 at 5.20 PM #2.jpg

sally legs.jpg

Whew... That was fun. If you dressed in costume, I'd love to see! Wish me luck and muse juice, please.

Love you, F-list! Stay chill. *hugs*
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Leaky con is over and I'm not coming down yet!

*warnings for excessive use of ridiculous adjectives ahead* Proceed at your own risk.

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OMG!!! I received my Secret Santa gift from the exchange being hosted on [Bad username or site: @]

It's from [Bad username or site: @] and is lovely needlepoint art! LOOK!

HD Chibis

Thank you so much Sisi!!! I adore it!

Then I took the Harry Potter character quiz that is going around. I had to take it twice because I got Dobby the house-elf the first time and ... I love Dobby, but I swear he's not me. So of course, Look at the link to see who I got next. I'm either ironing my ears or bat shit crazy! *sigh*

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My Slytherin-in-training!!!

Pics below the cut. :D
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My god I've been gone a long time. It's amazing how much time babies suck up (not to mention brain cells).

I haven't been able to write a damned thing since I realized I was pregnant last October. I've got my fingers crossed that my muse will resurrect eventually.

Oh well. Here's some recent pics of my handsome little man, Kiernan. He was 5 months old as of the 12th of this month.

One thing more. I've switched to cloth diapers (I'm becoming a crunchy mom) and I've just placed an order for a customized green diaper with the Slytherin Crest on the butt. I can't wait for it to be finished. I will share pics once I get it.

I hope all is well with you lj'ers.

I can't get the darned lj cut to work. :( Sorry about that.
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I can't believe it's summer already! Kiernan started smiling the other day. He's growing up too fast.

I've got some really cute pics to share. See them below the cut.

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Oh boy, what a ride. The birth did not go as planned. My blood pressure skyrocketed, so they put me on Magnesium during the induction process. The thing is, Magnesium is also used to prevent premature birth, so basically it counteracted all of the induction meds, rendering them useless. So after 40 hours of making no progress, I decided to have a c-section. I figured that if we kept pumping me full of meds, I would end up putting the baby in distress and needing an emergency c-section anyway.

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The Monkeys

Gwen and Morgan! My little Monkeys!

Mab and Mark Old Time Photo

Yee Haw!

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