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See it on Ao3: Solangelo Skypes

Featuring: Mab as Nico di Angelo and Cyansonata as Will Solace (Plans are in the works to do a similar thing only swapping roles.)

Summary: When Nico has to spend holidays in the Underworld, he and Will figure out how to stay in touch using Skype.

Nico - So I do it like this?

Photo on 5-2-16 at 12.12 PM #2.jpg

Nico - Wait, is this right?

Photo on 5-2-16 at 12.17 PM.jpg

Will - Yup. You got it.

image1 (1).JPG

Nico - Ri-ight.

Photo on 5-2-16 at 12.39 PM.jpg

Will - Hey. Wait up. Is that a statue of my dad?

image1 (10).JPG

Nico - What? Where?

Photo on 5-2-16 at 12.41 PM.jpg

Nico - Oh gods, it IS

Photo on 5-2-16 at 12.41 PM #2.jpg

Nico - Hrm... I wonder if he's creeping on us.

Photo on 5-2-16 at 12.41 PM #3.jpg

Nico - I do not know where that came from. Give me a sec.

Photo on 5-2-16 at 12.43 PM.jpg

Nico - There. What Statue?

Photo on 5-2-16 at 12.47 PM #6.jpg

Will - No words.


Nico - Anyway. Moving on. Here's the picture you wanted. - shares file - I don't know why you needed a picture of what I'm wearing. You can see me right now.


Will - Nico, that's the same thing you ALWAYS wear.

image1 (2).JPG

Will - Don't you own any other shirts?

image1 (3).JPG

Will - Or ... You could just not wear a shirt ...


Nico - Well, if you ins...

Photo on 5-2-16 at 1.01 PM.jpg

Nico - Of course I own other shirts! See?

Photo on 5-2-16 at 1.02 PM.jpg

Nico - The real question is – Why are you always trying to see me naked, Solace?

Photo on 5-2-16 at 1.02 PM #3.jpg

Will - Yeah?

image1 (5).JPG

Will - Oh, uh ... Medical reasons.

image1 (6).JPG

Nico - I gotta get out of this orange monstrosity.

Photo on 5-2-16 at 1.02 PM #2.jpg

Will - Hold up. Wait, what?

image1 (9).JPG

Will - I gotta go.

image2 (1).JPG

Will - Can I haz kisses?

image1 (7).JPG

Nico - You promise not to show these pictures to anybody else?

Photo on 5-2-16 at 1.28 PM.jpg

Will - Promise on the Styx and everything.

image1 (8).JPG

Nico - Ah, you romantic dork.

Photo on 5-2-16 at 1.28 PM #2.jpg

Will - Heh, besides, I like getting to keep this side of you to myself <3

image2 (2).JPG

Will - Talk to you later, Neeks!



Nico - Later!

Photo on 5-2-16 at 1.29 PM.jpg

Photo on 5-2-16 at 1.29 PM #2.jpg

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