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Hello fandom!

I'm so sorry I've been so far away the past few weeks. My grandmother has been nearing the end of her life for the past month and I knew my birthday was going to be a hard time.

Nobody in my family (at home) remembered it and that was a bit of a punch to the gut, but then, as I get older, I'm not asking for much more than an acknowledgement. But fandom swooped in and blew me away and my birthday wasn't bad at all.

I received 60 well wishes in the forms of email, tumblr messages, lj pms, virtual gifts, lj posts, facebook posts, facebook IMs, and gifty things. So Thank you for that! Really it means the world to me. The Saturday after my birthday with my mom, grandma, family and uncle was bittersweet. It was a happy birthday/so long grandma party and you can imagine the awkward feels that inspired.

Anyway. I received word from my mother that my grandmother passed at 11:15 this morning after taking her death with dignity prescription and it was wonderful news. And my fandom friend [ profile] slr2moons and I were out on our weekly walk when I got the news, so that was nice. I turned to her and said, "you know, I've been grieving for the past 3 weeks and now that it's over, all I feel is relief and thankfulness that she's not suffering and went on her own terms." Cancer is a motherfucking bitch and I feel really blessed that my grandma had the opportunity to take care of her affairs, to say goodbye, and to just let go before it wrecked her with more pain than anyone should have to feel.

Okay... jeez, mab... enough depressing.

Look at the birthday gifts my lovely friends did for me! Thank you all for being so unique and wonderful. The collective creativity and caring in fandom is magical. It's precious. Thank you.

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